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Reality changes, desire remains.

While society continues to evolve and face new challenges, there is something that has never changed; something that remains alive in each and every one of us: desire.

The individual desire to live and enjoy experiences exists throughout time, waiting to be harnessed in unique breath-taking moments. For this very reason, exclusive leisure, demands now more than ever scenarios adapted to this so-called new reality.

This is the very purpose of POSH services, to make that happen.

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Posh Business
Posh Sound


Enjoying social distancing

Social distancing has already acquired a new dimension becoming now a healthy and desired leisure habit.

POSH Escape brings you a new way of understanding the Charter experience. With thorough protocols and standards of health-security and privacy, we can offer a services portfolio and specific tailoring unknown in the field until now.

Your idyllic escape, your safe runaway, with POSH Escape.


Deserved experiences

Drive and safety of human capital is fundamental today more than ever before in the business world. For this to happen, new frameworks and scenarios are essential in order for our programmes to become unique experiences.

An element POSH Business prides itself on.

The best experience for the enterprise, with POSH Business.

POSH Sound

Back to your beats

The desire of enjoying your music with your people has never faded away; it is now stronger than ever before.

Now is the time to promote music events on the islands adapted to a new era. Exclusive events for those who want to enjoy their soundscapes, safely, stylishly, day and night.

POSH Sound, the vibes of the islands.


Back to elegance, our essence.

Social events in Port of Monaco have always been a reference of style, creating an elitist atmosphere which nowadays is not necessarily exclusive from the principality.
Mastering local knowledge and solid logistics in the most exclusive locations, POSH Diamond is the answer to hosting exquisite high-end events on the four islands. Unique events, presided by elegance and glamour, tailored to excel the highest of standards held by every individual guest.

POSH Diamond. The event.

           Protocols for every experience

In this new scenario, now more than ever, we must provide detailed procedures to protect our clientele well-being and privacy.
For this very purpose, each and every one of our portfolio services have been reviewed under the highest of standards to ensure all our experiences provide the utmost levels of health, security and absolute privacy.

POSH Bwell

A comprehensive health security protocol specifically designed for each one of our experiences.

Adapted to locations, logistics, nature and capacity of the event, our Bwell protocol will guarantee our clients health, safety and well-being.

Safe enjoyment


POSH Private

Exclusively developed for our Escape experience, our Private protocol provides a display of services within the privacy standards most exclusive to the industry.

A safe, private escapade. The perfect one.

Only you




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